Yikes! 10 Celebrity Prom Photos That Will Make You Chuckle


When you look back at your old high school prom photos, two embarrassing realizations may occur: first, is how awkward the styles of the past era were (how could anyone think they were cool?); secondly, you may wonder what became of your old prom flame.

There’s a chance when you look up your prom date on Facebook, they are struggling with employment, have gained substantial weight, or have entirely too many offspring. You definitely dodged a bullet in most cases, but for others, they let a good one slip away without knowing it. For an unfortunate few, they realize just how much they lost when they left their old fling.

What has filled so many people with regret over “the one that got away?” Well how about your high school sweetheart ending up rich, famous, or beautiful; they could even be all of that and more! By the time you realize they have it all and have moved into a bright future, they no longer want anything to do with the past, and that includes you.

It’s amazing to see what some celebs looked like when they were attending their prom, and thankfully plenty of these moments have surfaced. Here are 10 celebrity prom photos that are sure to get a chuckle out of you and show you never know who or what someone will become.