Yikes! 10 Horrendous Halloween Costumes That Will Make Your Day


Ghosts and goblins, witches and ghouls, oh my! Halloween is right around the corner which means that it’s time to get dressed up and hit the town in your most creative costumes. While there are plenty of people who have been planning their costumes for months now (and have spent a hefty penny on them, no doubt!), the rest of us are left sitting around hoping we can whip up something dazzling on the eve of Halloween.

Sometimes last minute costumes turn out to be better than even the most thought-out and well-planned costumes but, other times they just look absolutely awful. From typical costumes like witches, ghosts, bank robbers and football players to more complicated costumes like Iron Man, the Hulk and Captain Jack Sparrow, many people dream of winning the grand prize of Best Costume.

But, we aren’t here to celebrate the prize winning costumes. Nope, we are here to enjoy and make fun of some of the worst costumes we’ve ever seen. Here are the 10 most horrendous Halloween costumes that are sure to make your day and, if they don’t, at least you’ll know what not to do for this year’s Halloween costume party! Enjoy!