Yikes! 10 Horrendous Halloween Costumes That Will Make Your Day


Ghosts and goblins, witches and ghouls, oh my! Halloween is right around the corner which means that it’s time to get dressed up and hit the town in your most creative costumes. While there are plenty of people who have been planning their costumes for months now (and have spent a hefty penny on them, no doubt!), the rest of us are left sitting around hoping we can whip up something dazzling on the eve of Halloween.

Sometimes last minute costumes turn out to be better than even the most thought-out and well-planned costumes but, other times they just look absolutely awful. From typical costumes like witches, ghosts, bank robbers and football players to more complicated costumes like Iron Man, the Hulk and Captain Jack Sparrow, many people dream of winning the grand prize of Best Costume.

But, we aren’t here to celebrate the prize winning costumes. Nope, we are here to enjoy and make fun of some of the worst costumes we’ve ever seen. Here are the 10 most horrendous Halloween costumes that are sure to make your day and, if they don’t, at least you’ll know what not to do for this year’s Halloween costume party! Enjoy!

#10 – Heisenberg

The name’s Heisenberg and don’t forget it. While some might know him as Walter White, others recognize the meth dealer from Albuquerque, New Mexico on AMC’s hit television series “Breaking Bad”. From drama to drugs, Walter (Bryan Cranston) and his former student, Jessie (Aaron Paul), became the most watched and talked about series on television with a series finale that made record books!

It’s no surprise then that many want to dress up as Heisenberg for Halloween. After all, how hard could it be? All you need is a bald head, glasses, a goatee and a hat. Well, apparently for this person, it’s pretty hard! In one of the worst masks ever created, Heisenberg became a real flop with his fake bald head and pipe cleaner eye glasses that are simply atrocious even for a fictional meth dealer! Couldn’t all of that drug money go toward a decent pair of glasses?

#9 – Bert and Ernie

And you thought Heisenberg was bad! From watching “Sesame Street” as a kid to watching it with your own children, almost everyone has seen one of the longest running children’s programs on television. With instant recognition of Sesame stars like Big Bird and Elmo, it’s no surprise that so many children (and adults) love the show’s characters, especially the odd duo of Bert and Ernie.

But, with their oblong heads and odd features, pulling off a Bert and Ernie costume might prove to be fairly hard. These two fellows gave it a try anyway and, instead of looking like the friendly characters, ended up looking like a pair of mass murders straight from “The Purge”. Ok, so we’ll give them credit for actually trying on the hair and the clothes but those eyes are just too much to handle! Hey, at least the rubber duck looks normal!

#8 – Pumpkin Man

He’s bringing sexy back! …Ok, so maybe not! From Superman and the Hulk to Batman, Spiderman or even the Green Lantern, we can think of about a dozen different costumes that this poor guy could have chosen! But, pride be darned, this man obviously walks to the beat of his own drum since he created the dreaded Halloween costume of shame.

Pumpkin Man’s backstory is still a bit hazy but, he looks like perhaps his DNA was spliced with a pumpkin patch that created this monstrosity that obviously needs to be torched! With his legs made entirely of pumpkins to the pumpkin bra itself, there are far more problems with this creation than we care to mention! From smelling weird to being sticky, there’s really no need to discuss the nether regions much less what the heck this guy was thinking!

#7 – Iron Man

Weren’t we just saying that there are dozens of superheroes to pick from this Halloween? Well, Iron Man is certainly a fan favorite when it comes to superheroes but this costume sure doesn’t prove it. If this costume is this man’s best effort, he probably should have taken some advice from the Pumpkin Man or simply skipped Halloween and not dressed up at all!

While Tony Stark’s real Iron Man costume was estimated to cost $1 billion to construct, this dollar store version might have topped off at $5 or less. With scotch tape holding red and yellow construction paper together, we can’t help but laugh at the plastic cup and the deflated balloon used as Iron Man’s life piece and energy blaster! If you ask us, this tragic costume looks more like one of Iron Man’s victims than Iron Man himself. Perhaps this guy should just leave the superhero stuff to the real guys!

#6 – Ninja Turtles

Cowabunga, dude! Nostalgia is a huge thing for those who grew up in the 1980s or 1990s and is especially so when it comes to one television staple of the era, the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. Between movies, a television series and countless action figures, the pizza-loving turtles were massively popular among children and adults alike. So what better time than Halloween to take a trip down memory lane?

Unfortunately, memory lane for these four wannabe turtles is a little on the fuzzy side. These incredibly terrible costumes are made to leave a lot to the imagination with their construction paper cutouts and ill-fitting masks. Of course, you can only see one of the turtle shells since the girl has it on backward but the turtle’s underbellies are just as horrendous with sad lines meant to look like abdominal muscles. Have these people ever actually seen the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Come on, now!

#5 – Bowser

From bright yellow stars and mushrooms to golden coins and balls of fire, the release of “Super Mario Bros” for the Nintendo Entertainment System ignited a new chapter in the world of video games. While the game itself spawned countless other Mario-based games, the series continued to have one thing in common: the final enemy, Bowser, a massive turtle always responsible for stealing the princess.

How hard could it be to dress up as a turtle anyway? Well, as if we didn’t learn from the Ninja Turtles, this version of Bowser looks more like he could steal small items from a convenience store rather than kidnapping a princess! While the shell itself looks like it took a fair amount of time, the rest of the costume looks like a cross between a Viking and a Teletubby! Leave the princess stealing to the real Bowser, mister, and hang up your shell already!

#4 – Ray Rice

From embarrassing pumpkins to sad and pathetic turtles, we’ve covered some pretty bad Halloween costumes so far but none have been this offensive. Former NFL star Ray Rice was once the running back for the Baltimore Ravens but lost both his career and positive reputation when he was caught on video punching his then-fiancée and now wife. Though Rice hasn’t played football since the video and his NFL release, he’s been a hot topic for many, including this young sports fan.

When the news first broke in September 2014, dozens of Ray Rice costumes surfaced just a month later on Halloween. While a football player in shoulder pads wouldn’t normally be a big deal, when a parent dresses up their kid as Ray Rice with blackface and dragging around a doll, that’s an entirely different story! While this might be the most realistic looking costume on our list so far, it’s definitely in poor taste. Shame on you, parents!

#3 – Eminem

Last minute costume call? Don’t worry, just ask this guy! We hope to goodness this man decided to go to a Halloween costume at the last minute and didn’t actually plan out this embarrassing costume months in advance. While puns are fun and we laughed a little on the inside, dressing up as a bag of Eminems might not have been the best choice for this macho guy who lacks more than just creativity.

From the play on names to the black and white pictures of Eminem himself, we aren’t sure what’s worse. The guy could have at least added a brighter colored shirt or gone the distance and printed out colored photos of Eminem to actually look like a real bag of M&Ms. Either way, while he might not win the best costume of the night, he’ll definitely win the award for cheapest costume! Perhaps the prize is a real bag of M&Ms!

#2 – Jabba the Hutt

Where do we even begin? Star Wars is among the most memorable and popular film franchises of all time with its third movie from the series, Return of the Jedi, being a fan favorite. In the film, audiences saw Princess Leia tied up to a platform that was home to the infamous Jabba the Hutt, a giant green ball of slime that had recently gotten hold of Hans Solo’s frozen body.

While Star Wars fans around the world remember the scene, these two must have missed something or had a bad picture on the screen because not even Princess Leia looks right! Without a real metal bikini, this wannabe princess is wearing just a regular pair of shorts and a bra. As for Jabba…what the heck happened there? It’s hard to tell whether it’s a massive beanbag or a couple of comforters thrown together but, this person sure is lacking in the creativity department! Throw one of those comforters around the princess already, she looks cold!

#1 – Homeless Baby

It’s a baby! Our list concludes with a costume that you have probably seen in the past but with a definite twist! Those who can’t think of a great Halloween costume idea usually go with one of the many standbys like a witch, a ghost or even a homeless person. What makes this costume extra crazy is that someone actually dressed up their little bundle of joy like a homeless person!

From the cardboard sign to the Tupperware container filled with change, we have to admit that the costume is definitely funny but, originality and humor can’t overcome a lack of effort. While it’s far from being the worst costume on the list (remember the Pumpkin Man?), it just so happened to be our top pick since babies can’t actually dress themselves much less write, speak or even walk! Perhaps the parents are just trying to make an easy buck off their cute kid!